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SMART Goal Setting Worksheet SMART Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based Write down your business goal in the space below. GOAL: Use the questions below to determine if your business
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Dream big dreams only big dreams have the power to move men's souls the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said that hello this is Vik Johnson with another reason that goals fail it's a plain simple fact most goals fail because the goal isn't worthwhile enough it doesn't mean enough to risk the extra effort that's almost always involved in achieving a goal now stop and think about it if your annual income is say $10,000 a month that's a six-figure annual income and you set a goal to increase your income by say $200 a month is that going to be a lot of motivation for you you know if you're making twenty five thousand dollars a year maybe two hundred dollars a month that's 10% that's a little bit of motivation still not a lot of motivation but what it what about if you double the amount of money that you're making say if you're making $50,000 now your goal for next year is a hundred thousand or if you're making 100 200 or a half a million a million now wouldn't that get you excited wouldn't that create some desire napoleon hill riding in the classic book Think and Grow Rich devoted an entire chapter to the subject of desire he says desire is the beginning of all achievement and he defines it as white-hot desire now in modern times we don't relate to that word that adjective white-hot a lot but back in those days remember in the 1930s there were a lot of people employed in manufacturing and they were in plants with these huge furnaces that reached phenomenal temperatures and you could see far white-hot fire is an extremely hot fire and that's what he was trying to convey you've got to not only have desire you've got to have a white-hot desire he'll quoted Thomas Edison and in the book about the power of strong desire Edison said when a person really desires something so deeply that he's willing to stake his entire future on a single turn of the wheel in order to get it he's sure to win now that's a white-hot desire that's really desiring something you know one of my greatest stories of desire is the story of maxi filer maxi Fowler took the California Bar Exam for the first time when he was 36 years old and he failed he took it again and he failed and again and again and again and each time maxi took it he failed he took the bar exam in San Francisco in Los Angeles San Francisco in fact he took the bar exam in every city in California that they offered it and he failed he took the bar exam when his children were young and still at home and then when his own children grew up the two of his sons went to law school maxi took it again and he failed one of his sons opened a law office and maxi went to work for him as a clerk took it again and he failed at an age when most people are thinking about retiring maxi Fowler is still taking the California bar after 25 years more than 50 thousand dollars spent in testing fees more than 144 days of his life spent in testing rooms maxi Fowler took the California bar exam for the 48th time and he passed and became a...